Forest Wood Condo Design Concept

Forest Wood Condo | Design Theme

Forest Woods, as its name implies, is a development that is inspired by greenery, trees, plants, flora & fauna. It is designed very much around the theme of living in harmony with nature, in an as eco-friendly a way as possible, like a sanctuary within lushly landscaped grounds.

Forest Wood Condo Design Concept


Forest Wood Condo · Design Concept

The initial inspiration for Forest Woods was seeded by its historical context. The name for this location, “Serangoon”, is thought to have been derived from the Ranggong bird, a species of stork that previously abounded in the swamps around Serangoon River (or the Rangoon River).

Forest Wood condo tries to capture the essence of that, the fleeting sense of nostalgia from former days, when Serangoon was covered by the lush green of tranquil forests, with shifting patterns of sunlight & shade dappling through the trees.


Forest Woods Condo · Architectural Concept

The architecture of Forest Woods keeps to pure forms. It uses the understated approach of the box & frame design, with overhanging ledges, so that it complements the landscape like a living forest growing out of it.

This development comprises 7 blocks of 12-storey residential apartments. The site layout has been consciously designed to maximise block-to-block spacing, to create a sense of space between them.

These blocks are complemented by the vibrant greens & blues of the landscape, that flows from the “forest walk” theme stretching all the way down the eastern side of the site, to a more manicured & orderly western part.

Forest Woods Condo . Walk in the Forest SpaArtist’s Impression . Forest Wood Condo . Walk in the Forest Spa

Forest Woods condominium aims to offer a lifestyle that engages residents, a place for their children to grow up more with nature, one they can truly feel is a home.



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Latest Update: Forest Woods is completely sold out. Thank you for your interest.



If you like this concept of lots and lots of greenery and landscaping, you should also consider Kent Ridge Hill Residences. Now that Forest Woods is almost completely sold out, leaving only a handful of 3 and 4 bedroom units, this next new project launching in October to November 2018 should help cater to those who missed out on the small units.

And if there is one thing that Kent Ridge Hill Residences really stands out for, it is in the sheer amount of greenery that the residents will get to enjoy. There is firstly, the Kent Ridge Hill Park directly behind the site. It is on higher ground, and is part of the Southern Ridges Green belt, that stretches as far as to Telok Blangah and Mount Faber.

Being on higher ground directly behind the Kent Ridge Hill Residences, means that this condominium is set against a lovely emerald-green living back drop. On top of that, the Kent Ridge Hill condo is zoned for a low-rise residential area, no more than 5 storeys high, in keeping with the character and profile of the landed houses around the neighbourhood. That is where it differs from Forest Woods, or for that matter, from Martin Modern and Park Place Residences, that are all high-rise developments. These are much denser developments, more in keeping with their more city-like environment.

It is not that Kent Ridge Hill Residences is further out from the city centre than most of the others, like Park Place Residences. In fact, quite the reverse; it is actually nearer to town than Forest Woods. However its neighbourhood is zoned low rise, in keeping with the character of the landed housing estate in which it sits.

The Kent Ridge Hill condo itself will provide 498 apartment units plus another 50 strata landed houses. This townhouses enjoy the full range of condominium facilities while maintaining the privacy and spaciousness of landed housing. There will be 2 types of these: a 4 bedroom type, and a 5 bedroom type.